Attain licensing

Hi, Could someone advise me about the optimal licensing system of a Navision Attain system which should support up to 20 simultaneous users? Many thanks!

Hi Could you define “optimal” in this scenario - optimal to just 20 users and no funcitonality? What is required? Strip out all non-essential modules and granules as per the customers requirements and you will presumably have the optimal license.

Well, to my knowledge, Attain has a global licensing scheme, not a modular one. In other words, if 2 people uses only the Accounting modules, and other 3 people only the Sales modules, I have to license 5 Attain users, not 2 Accounting and 3 Sales users. Is this correct? Second, optimal for me means the lowest cost (for licensing and maintenance contract) which offers full functionality (in my above example, 2 simultaneous accounting users plus 3 simultaneous sales users).

Hi Yes you are correct on your user licensing scenairo. Navision sells in modules and granules, so to get the best price you have to know the requirements of the customer, and then you can not purchase unrequired functionality. Software prices are global, but NSC’s may vary in prices and deals to get the sale. Maintenance will also vary, somewhere between 15% and 20% of the software value as a rule.

The only distinction is between full client users (Professional)and user portal/web/application server (call then what you choose) users. I’m not sure there are any definate guidelines about how you make this choice for a user, but if you have a higher number of users who have very specific roles and don’t need the full application functionality then you should certaily look into the non-full client options. Last time I checked you got about 3 web users for the price of a full client user.

Yes, but unless you’ve already developed the webparts for the specific functionality that these “less than global” users might need, you’ll need to include those development costs as well. The bottom line is that if you could identify the specific needs in regards to functionality for each user then that would further help in the pricing scenario. This is something that we as NSCs have to do for each and every installation we go into.