Attain Debugger

Have searched the forum but can’t find the answer: Does the Attain 3.60 Debugger only work if you have the Application Builder License?

Paul, I’ve just tested your query, and the answer is no. The debugger worked fine with a clients licence which has; 1,100 Company 1 1,200 Session 1 2,110 Navision Attain 3.XX 1 3,010 General Ledger - Basic General Ledger 1 4,760 Application Wide - Basic Dimensions 1 5,010 Cash Manager - Bank Account Management 1 5,760 Human Resources - Basic 1 7,110 Report & Dataport Designer 1 9,000,210 Vorsprung Integrated Payroll 1

Hi Paul, Does the customer have any design rights on their licence? I find that customers who do not have Report & Dataport design cannot run the debugger.

The license includes table, form, report designer & dataport designer. Maybe it is me being a muppet - I set the Debugger to Active, run the code, the debugger screen is displayed but stays blank. Am I missing a step?

Sometimes the screen does stay blank when there is no code to step through? Is this the case? A silly question I know but make sure there is some code in the object you’re trying to debug. [:D]

Good question but there is plenty of code in the report.

Well I’m sorry Paul, I’m fresh out of ideas. [V] Let us know if you figure it out. Good luck

Problem Solved. The ZoneAlarm firewall was stopping the debugger talking to Navision. Turning the firewall off solved the problems. Thanks. [8D]