Attain Application Server functionality???

Hi, I read all topics about user portal, web shop ect. here. But i have question abou Attain apllication server??? I started it and pass parameter to coduenit 1 function 99, then it start any codeunit etc. What can i make more?? Must i use MS query and xml (like described in Marcus post)??? How to pass parameter to NAS without restart NAS?? etc,etc… Realy I need any documentation about use of NAS:) We need to start some codeunits periodicaly without full time running NA client, without many C/Front programming. I did it by starting NAS end then stop them. But may be there are another ways??? Help please:) RGDS Gedas

You could write a code unit to despatch other code units based on a schedule. You might also want to look at the Job Despatcher in Attain Service Management.

Hi again, Could anybody explain me or show little example about: (fragment from Attain aplication server help) Communication between Navision Attain Client and Navision Application Server To establish communication between a Navision Attain client and Navision Application Server, you need to start a timer. You can make the application server start a timer that triggers an event at a certain interval. When Navision Application Server receives the event, it can check the database for unprocessed tasks, such as an order. A user that runs a Navision Attain client can put, for example, a ‘send order’ task in the task table in the database. Navision Application Server can then check the database for this task. Example This is an example of what the startup trigger can look like. First, the trigger instantiates a communication component. Then, if the parameter passed equals ‘Test,’ the application server is instructed to also look in the task table. The ‘Test’ parameter starts a timer. InitComCom.RUN; CASE StartupParm OF ‘Test’: InitializeTaskTable.RUN; END; RGDS Gedas