Attain and Voice over IP

One of our customers is going to use IP telephony from Cisco (AVVID) starting next year. They have asked us to explore the opportunity of integrating this with relationship management in Attain, just like the windows TAPI now does. Has anyone experience with interfacing with Voice over IP? Is it more difficult than CTI? Or does anybody know any add-ons regarding this subject? Thanks Peter Willemse

hi peter, i recently had been thro’ training on attain 3.10. though i’m new into navision.i asked my trainers about this & they said that attain version 3.60 has some offering on this. hv you checked up with 3.60? dd

I know has an add-on for IP phone integration. Their website is in danish, but you can email them at and ask in english

Thanks, I mailed them for more info. I also asked our NTR for info. I will keep you informed when I receive feedback.