Attain and multiple displays

Hi, I have a problem with a user who has two graphics cards and two monitors on their PC. A couple of times a day Navision will hang and stop responding. I’ve tried reinstalling the Client, resetting the ZUP file and switching machines. Any suggestions or workarounds? Am Running Navision 3.60 on SQL. Thanks Phil Avis

We have had success using a single graphics card with dual outputs and had no problems what so ever.

Thanks Russ, I think it might be a problem with the two graphics drivers. I’ll try a dual port card instead. Phil Avis

Hi, I use a laptop and I use bothe the laptop screen and an external monitor and this presents no problem. I have also use (before) two video cards on a desktop machine with navision and I never had any problems with it. I did, however, had problems with windows 2000 with some of the drivers provided with the video cards. So, I would suggest you to try with other video cards before. Or an update of the drivers.