Attain 3.6a - Small Payroll issue


We have been running Navision Attain 3.6a for several years without problem, recently, ie: yesterday our CFO came to me and said he changed our payroll account to a new bank - so I went into the GL and created new accounts, then created new bank accounts and then went to payroll posting groups and redirected from the old account to the new. Here is the rub - Everything looks like it is working, payroll calculates fine, test reports all look clean, I can preview the check and the stub, all looks good BUT it won’t actually print a check. I can’t preview a print or actually print one, it doesn’t put up any errors or anything to try and trace, it just doesn’t print. Does anyone have any ideas? Did I miss a config step? Please let me know. Thanks Jeff

Have you entered the Last Check No in the Back Account Card?

Yes that is in there

We don’t use the payroll granule, so if you’re using that to pront check - i wish but can’t help. But if it’s like a regular Payment journal than other that making sure the bank payment type = “computer check” then I don’t know.

I would just go thru all the fields filled into the bank that “works” and double check the new bank is setup just like the old one.

Hi Jeff,

A handy way to do this is to do a “Zoom” (Ctrl+F8) on both record and copy into Excel. use something like =A1=C1 which returns TRUE or FALSE - it’s amazing how many times it picks up differences that your eyes are fooled into thinking that they are the same

Question - Do you think I need to create an entirely new set of controls to work with the new payroll bank account? This seems excessive for simply changing banks but my experience with Attain 3.6a tells me not to rule it out. We have 8 years worth of history on the old account, could it be just to firmly entrenched to easily change it? Again it seems like overkill just to change banks but… I am not finding an easy answer for this and am starting to consider options that are more extreme. I’d like to hear some some other thoughts though before I start that process though. I had to created a new set when we opened a second plant in another state, I’d prefer not to do that again. [:)]


RESOLVED - D’oh - a corrupt Zup file was the culprit. Delete and Recreate and all is well. Thanks to those who helped [:D]