Attain 3.60 RAM memory?

Hi! we have attain 3.60 running on a windows 2000 server with 2.60 GB RAM. is it really right that navision attain 3.60 uses only 1 GB Ram? Can we therefore reduce the memory of our server from 2.6 GB to 1 GB Ram? Thanks for ideas!

Please, redirect your question to the technical forum. Answering a bit your question… if you use 1 GB Ram for Navision Attain and you reduce the memory on the server to 1GB… how do you pretend to work properly without memory for the own OS and other process that should run on the server??? Regards,

Alfonso has correctly answered your question.When you calculate the RAM to be used on your server,you have to provide for requirements of operating system,Navision and any other apps that you might be running. Regards,

Another thing, when one of my colleagues installed a Navision 3.60 server and set 1GB of cache, we got an error: “Illegal parameter”. When we reduced the cache size, the error wasn’t occuring. Probably Navision 3.60 can’t even handle 1GB or more cache.

I guess the old phrase “there’s never too much RAM” applies here once again [;)] Not only will the Navision/Attain server process use RAM for caching etc., but also the aforementioned operating system and other tasks. In addition, you will need extra RAM for every client that connects to your server - Navision (2.60, don’t know about Attain) will start slave.exe processes to handle client connections. Each of these connections uses additional RAM in the networking parts of the OS. And so on and so forth…

I read a document from navision ftp site, they did said max 1GB RAM. However, with SQL server you can have 2 GB or more memory. Cheers, Darren