Attain 3.60 - Item Tracking Lines in Job journals

Does anybody know why Job journals don’t have the option Item Tracking Lines in Attain 3.60? If we don’t have this option, we can’t post Item lines with Lot Tracking Control. Thanks in advance. Jesús Soage

Probably for the same reason it isn’t there in 3.10? It looks like a “miss”; probably nobody’s attempted to use item tracking in jobs & reported it. I haven’t found anything in official technical documents that indicates that this is a known problem. Any other ideas?

In looking at it a little more closely, it’s probably related to the tracking setup options. Because jobs don’t use the classics pick/ship metaphor, there’s somewhat of a logical roadblock here. The controls on the item tracking card could create a problem for use in jobs. However, there’s not reason “Job Tracking” could not be added & integrated.

Don’t forget also that the new Lot/Serial No tracking is no longer in 3.60. So since we are back to one Item Ledger Entry per serial No. It should be possible to add the serial number to the Job ledger line.

Has anyone developed the functionality to have Item tracking on a Job Journal?

yes, we have a certified solution for project controlling. Item tracking and reservation on job journals is possible with this solution. Remember that if fx. receiving a purchase with job no., no entries for the item movement are created in the standard. Only invoicing yields a job ledger entry. In our solution this lack is overcome by recording all item movements also for job related activities. The solution of course has many more features. It is also available in US, I think. I would have to contact our sales department. If your are interested, please let me know.

Hi, could you give some web-adress to find out more about your certified project add-on, please?