Attain 3.60 - Installation program rollback!

I try to install the Attain client 3.60 on my win2k, citrix xp 1.0 sp2 feat-rel.2 servers. I choose “custom” and installs to a folder on my T:\ - drive. (S:\ = OS and system-files, T:\ =applications,user-settings and temp, U:\ = swap ) Just about when the installation seems to be finished, the wizard displays “rollback” and everything gets uninstalled. The message following displays "Installation aborted - the wizard was aborted before Nav attain 3.60 was installed completly ".[:(] (it’s aprox. what it says but in Swedish…) Does anyone have an idea of what to do? Many thanks in advance [:)] BHR

Do not use citrix to install Navision but install the program directly into the machine. If you are accessing the machine remotely, use the system console to install the program. Cheers,

Thanks, the installation finished now. Before, I tried to install the client when I connected to the console using Microsoft’s rdp-client. I had to go down to the server(basement- puuuhhh), log on to the console and install the app. directly. Thank u very much. (:-)) bhr