Attain 3.60 database - how many disks?

HI! we have Navision Attain 3.60 running. Before we had navision 2.60 running. Our Navision own database 32GB is placed on 16 disks. Each disk is 9 GB and there is 2 GB reserved for one *.fdb file. Database1.fdb, database2.fdb … 16 + 2GB = 32GB Now we will get a new server. We want later also expand our database to 64GB. Should we again take 16 drives and on every drive 4 GB fdb files. Or should we make one large fdb file on a 72 GB disk? What is the right decision? Thanks!

What ever You do, don’t use one large file! You will get very bad performance. Keep Your 16 disks (hopefully mirrored in RAID-1 to 32 disks) and expand each file as much as needed (same amount of Kb on each disk) Regards //Lars

Wouldn’t it be better to go with 2 mirrored (Raid 1) fast 72 GB SCSI disks? A total of 16 or 32 disks would be a nightmare of maintenance. Is there a performance hit putting Navision on 1 large fast drive instead of many smaller drives? Another problem would be if you might expand beyond 72 GB.

Michael, you will loose lots of speed if you use 2 disks instead of 16. Navision, the servers OS and the disccontroller are able to access several disks at the same time, which will obviously faster when using more disks instead of few. Rule-of-thump: more disks, more speed