Attain 3.6 Multilanguage, one more question

Hello, all. I have a question concerning Multilanguage functionality: I am creating a codeunit, which will retrieve a text string, depending on language selected. I have created text constants with Multilanguage values in the codeunit. Then I call the function in codeunit from a report as follows: CurrReport.LANGUAGE := NewLanguage; StringBasedOnLanguageSelected := codeunit.function(parameters); Everything works perfectly when I use text constants with Multilanguage values in the codeunit. But I need do some more language-based processing in the codeunit. How can I find out which language was selected in the report (which has called the codeunit) (except passing language code to codeunit as a parameter)? Thank you very much in advance. P.S. GLOBALLANGUAGE is not changing, when you use LANGUAGE function, so it cannot be used in this case; and there is no such function as Currcodeunit.LANGUAGE or so :slight_smile:

Hi, why you can not (or need not?) pass the language code to codeunit? What about to use a singele-instance codeunit? You set the language code once a you can read it from other objects.