Attain 3.10 - Dataport property changed

Intentional or accidential? The property CallFieldValidate of the DataPort Fields defaults to YES in Attain 3.10 (build 10069), where it used to be NO up to 3.01B. The Help still let it default to No, so it might be an accidential change. But one that can give you a good headache nonetheless. Try to run an import of items, while the Unit of Measure is validated before you got the chance to update the UOM table… We discovered this bug (or feature?) after being flooded with error messages during imports of fairly standard stuff. Be warned. John

Yep. I reported this bug to “” month ago and wait for answer… We found also that we can’t make copy/paste for tables fields: we loose multilanguage captions:((( We use NA 3.10.