Attain 3.10 - Backup / Restore - Fin.exe Error

Hello People, Its rather strange what happened last night, but then I would like to discuss with everyone here and enhance knowledge over this issue… We have a client running Attain 3.10, he was not able to backup the database, was getting the following error… 1. fix.exe has performed an illegal operation 2. Not enough memory to perform this operation, you can increase the memory by opening the database in a standalone mode. These might not be the exact errors msgs but these were the errors that we faced, we increased the Object / DBMS cache as mentioned in the error but it didn’t resolve the issue. We did complete database test to overcome this issue. All went in vain. Later on we discovered that due to some Forms the backup was being terminated. We couldn’t run the forms nor compile them, we couldn’t even import these objects from another database if they were in FOB format we had to import them in text format which worked. Then we could compile the forms. After replacing those forms, we could take the Backup successfully. Has anyone faced such a problem before ?? is it something to do with the Database or the hard drive where the system reads the database…lot of questions like these arise… and also… why windows OS is showing the error in spite of Navision? Do you think that Navision doesn’t have any error text for this type of error? Your valuable inputs are well appreciated.

Did you try running the backup on another client? Also, did you try deleting the ZUP file? I have seen this situation with a bad zup file. Perhaps importing the files and recompiling corrected the problem with the zup file. As a general rule, I like to start with the simplest solutions first. I have found the zup file is often prone to problems.