Attain 3.01B kepps asking for installation CD

I’ve installed SE3.01B on Citrix MF 1.8 and are having problem with Attain asking for the installation CD as soon as I use the Online Help och tries to make an interaction with an attachment in the CRM-module. Anyone who has had (and solved) this problem? //Lars

Hi, Yes Attain doesn’t want to start from meniu if it is any kind of windows servers. I don’t know why. But you can make shortcut to fin.exe (or to sinsql.exe for sql) and everything OK.

Yes I have also seen that. But this time I’m using my own shortcut. Even if I start finsql.exe directly I have this problem //Lars

Sorry. I’ve never seen that problems with shortcuts:( But may be you can not install, but just copy NA directory to your computer. Of course later you need manualy registering all dll and ocx into windows, but for one server its not to big job.

Lars, have you installed the Attain on the Metaframe Server while in Install mode? I’ve only seen this done once by someone other than me, but as I understand, this is required so that you don’t have that shortcut problem every time a new user logs on looking for the installation CD. I believe if you go into the Metaframe tools for the Server Manager (I think…) that you can specify the install mode you are in on the Citrix Server. Unfortunately, I do not have access currently to a Citrix to test for you. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

I did the installation from “Add/Remove programs”. By doing so the server is automatically set to installmode. I also tried to manually set the server in install mode befor installing, but with no sucess. Could it be the Active Directory that is playing some trick here. I have only seen this problem on Terminal servers/Citrix Servers that are members in Active Directory. //Lars

Lars, I think this is done by active directory. Try to publish the installation package in the active directory. Richard

Yes. This is defenitly an AD problem. But what do You mean by publishing the installation package? I don’t want to run Navision as an published application our client uses Citrix for other applications also and therefore want to use the desktop on the Citrix Server //Lars

Install using add/remove programs, then copy the client directory to another folder. Then remove using add/remove programs. Then move the copy back to where the installer put it, and create you shortcut. (The Hokey-Cokey method: You put your client on, you take your client out…)

Thank’s a lot. Works fine //Lars