Attachment with an email-interaction

When I make an email-interaction I want to link 1 or 2 attachment to the email. Is this possible?

Haven’t tried it but … Fin 2.60D MAPIMsg.AttachmentIndex := MAPIMsg.AttachmentCount; MAPIMsg.AttachmentType := 0; MAPIMsg.AttachmentPathName := aFileName; MAPIMsg.AttachmentPosition(STRLEN(BodyText)); etc… *** 3.60 (Codeunit 397 where MAPIHandler=‘Navision Attain ApplicationHandler’.MAPIHandler) IF ISCLEAR(MAPIHandler) THEN CREATE(MAPIHandler); ErrorNo := 0; MAPIHandler.ToName := ToName; MAPIHandler.CCName := CCName; MAPIHandler.Subject := Subject; IF Body <> ‘’ THEN MAPIHandler.Body := Body; MAPIHandler.AttachFileName := AttachFileName; MAPIHandler.OpenDialog := OpenDialog; MailSent := MAPIHandler.Send; ErrorNo := MAPIHandler.ErrorStatus; (Pls. don’t shoot me if doesn’t work :-)) /LG

I’m working in 3.60 and 3.70. An interaction is created by the standard wizard. The email will be created by codeunit 5051, 5052 and 5054. In codeunit 5054 the functions Merge and ExecuteMerge will be used. I can’t find how an attachment can be added to the email when merging.

Sorry… didn’t notice this was “End User Questions”… Guess its up to the Interaction Template to point out what attachment there is to be used?