Attaching two or more files in mails

hi I am using Navision Attain 3.10. Is it possible to attach more than one files in an email created in attin using the codeuint MAIL (397) . There is no option to attach more than one file in a single mail. thanks ritesh

Hi! In that case I recommend to use “Outlook Automation” to create eMails. There you can add many attachments.... OlMail.Attachments.Add(Filename1); OlMail.Attachments.Add(Filename2); ... I don’t think that this is possible with CU397 [:(] Regards, Jörg

Hi, I’ve been keen on this one too. I’ve finally managed to get the below as a working function; beforehand, OutlookApp and OutlookEmail are defined as global vars as such; Name DataType Subtype Length OutlookApp Automation ‘Microsoft Outlook 10.0 Object Library’.Application OutlookEmail Automation ‘Microsoft Outlook 10.0 Object Library’.MailItem Then the function; — Function details — NewMessage(ToName : Text[80];CCName : Text[80];Subject : Text[260];Body : Text[260];AttachFileName : ARRAY [2] OF Text[260];OpenDialog ------------------------ IF ISCLEAR(OutlookApp) THEN CREATE(OutlookApp); OutlookEmail:= OutlookApp.CreateItem(0); OutlookEmail.“To” := ToName; OutlookEmail.Subject:=Subject; IF Body <> ‘’ THEN OutlookEmail.Body := Body; OutlookEmail.Attachments.Add(AttachFileName[1]); OutlookEmail.Attachments.Add(AttachFileName[2]); IF OpenDialog THEN OutlookEmail.Display ELSE OutlookEmail.Send; ---- If anyone can improve on this or tell me how to check for failed sends or the user canceling the email from the place where I call the function, then please let me know. Regards, Tim[8D]