Attaching files to NAV

Hi developers,

attaching files to NAV with “clip” functionality is very useful but is there anyway to upload this “clipped” files to the server or somebody has implemented something on this way? [st]

Hi Galletin,

This is techically possible by using blobs in the database and storing the file in the blob file. The question is does it make sense as your database potentially can grow very large?

I have seen posts on this - which implies that people are doing this (or at least trying to) but have not implemented this myself.


A suggestion is to copy the files onto the server before linking and link from the server hence storing all data in the same server (location)

Let me know what your ideas are on this.

P.S. the links are store in the record link table 2000000068.

Hope this helps

Thanks DaveT, perfect explanation.

I agree with you on storing on server (machine not NAV) and then linking… it’s not a problem for me but I should give access to the server to all clients and I’m afraid it’s not possible as my “server’s admin” says jajaja…

My idea was to get this “clipped file”, store the file on server machine (by programming) and then change the link URL from the local source to the server source… I don’t know if I explained properly ¿?.

On the other hand you gave a very big clue with table 2000000068. If I get the solution I will post.

Thanks so much :wink:

That’s the moment where I feel so so so stupid, It’s easy has adding this code on OnInsert trigger of that table:

newPath := ‘\Sharesrv\GRUPO_CHIP\files’ + Description;
FILE.COPY(URL1, newPath);
URL1 := newPath;

Sure I have to improve another things but this really works :wink:
Thanks again

[H] - Sometimes it’s the simple solution that works best - Good work - cuts out the hyperlinking failed message because c:\user\davet\documents… does not exist.

Glad to help [:D]