Attaching documents on a BOM

I would like to have some documents and specs attached to the BOM and or Routing but I don’t see a way?

Also, I would like to have these documents and spec’s attached to the Production Order so that they are viewable and or printerable on the Production Order. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


do you mean that you want to attach document to the transactions in AX2009. You can use document handling. I hope this will help you to get solution.

You would use document management, but to get them to the production order is a customization. I suggest you review the process and requirements and model the solution before using document management however.

Talking about AX 2012.

I see on the Released product a way to attach documents (General Attachments) but I don’t see any way to do so on the BOM or Routing? That is my first choice.

Is that an option?

If you have gone from the released product right mouse click and view details to see the Route details and then the attachment button is there. Alternatively on the previous screen on the bottom line there is a page with a paperclip icon, which is also on the BOM to call the document management functionality.