Attached the BOM to the Item card


all experts , I created production BOM of an item.

In the Item card Genral tab → opens the Bill of material window , can anybody tell me that how to expode the BOM of particular Item in Item Card.


Why do you want to explode it in the item card?

You need to understand the difference between a Production BOM and a BOM.

The General tab Bill of Material setting indicates that from the Related Information - Item - Assembly - Bill of Material, that a bill of material has been created.

The Bill of Material Window is presumably from the assembly list. You type it manually, creating the bill of material, or you add an item that is already a bill of material item and explode this.

This has NOTHING to do with production. This is ONLY related to the BOM Journal in Inventory.

This is inventory assembly, for businesses not using manufacturing. This has NO impact on production orders. Production BOMs are used on production orders and the production journal, which was your original questions. The reason therefore that you can see nothing in the production journal is that you have not set a Production BOM, you have set an assembly BOM. These two are completely different concepts in NAV.