Attach Document to Purchase Order in AX 2009

Hi All,

I want to attach the terms & conditions word document which is on the desktop to purchase order which is created in AX 2009 ?

I tried to attach it throguh document handling , but it is not showing attaching the record ?


If it is not in document management when you go back in you did not attach it properly - please define the steps you took. If you mean print on the print out this is different.

Are you able to attach and unable to see the attached document? Have you done all the related setups in Basic → setup → Document Management…

Hi Lally,

To attach a documents first of all need to be setup some parameters
1.In Basic —> Setup —> DocumentManagement —> Parameters —>
in the Number Sequence Tab need to give the Number Sequnce for it.

  1. In Basic —> Setup —> DocumentManagement —> Document Types in this form needed to mention the type of document and in the General Tab give the File Location to Archive Directory and Archive Directory to path where you want to store the documetns.

dear Narech

I need help about document managment Archive dirctory security,we have dynamics ax 2009 clients,and he want to attache file with records…how ax protect file stored in archive dirctory from unathorized user may be access to folder share and delete or modify the files,how ax set the permiision in archive folder??

Many thanks