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my problem is when a try to atachment a document in navision aplicaton apear this error:
“unable to create an instance of the OLE control or Automation Server identified
by GUID={F9043C85-F6F2-101A-08002B2F49FB}. Check that the OLE control or
Automation server is correctly installed and registered.”

We have nav 4 sp1, sql 2000 SP4 Entreprise.

Hi Peter,

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It sure sounds the Automation Server was not correctly installed. But we need a bit more information to be able to help you.

Are you able to open any existing attached documents?
Are you able to open Microsoft Word outside Navision?
What version of Office are you using?


According to the GUID the error regards Microsoft Common Dialog Control, wich is used in Codeunit 412 - Common Dialog Management.
I think you’ll see a compilation error when trying to compile Codeunit 412.

You should look into having this component installed/registered properly on the PC.

Hello Erik,

yes… any file we try attach don’t work…but outside navision, with other applications, work just fine. The office we are using it’s Pro2007.

The error ocurr when we are trying to open the windows attch window…we already test the policy users…and even in the administration accoutn don’t work…

your help will be importante…thanks

The error you have {F9043C85-F6F2-101A-A3C9-08002B2F49FB} refers to the GUID for Microsoft Common Dialog Control, v6.0. It is typically placed here: ‘C:\WINDOWS\System32\comdlg32.ocx’.

This article explain how to register it with Regsrv32.exe:;en-us;183771

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Works…:slight_smile: thanks

How did you manage to solve it?