ATP or CTP on Sales Line

Does Nav (V4 SP3) calculate a Planned Oder Date to satisfy demand on a sales order line when there is not enough inventory to meet demand?

Does this require the Order Promising granule?

What system controls are needed?

Based on Purchased Parts and reliable re-ordering controls coud this be automated to calculate and show the promised or expected receipt date from purchasing?

Your help and advice are appreciated.

Are you talking about the replenishment worksheet?

This should calculate the need (and create the PO) based on the planned delivery dates in the sales order.

Thanks for yout interest - I was not clear in the OP.

We are planning to migrate one of our “consumables” operations to NAV (V4 SP3 but soon to be 5.1) this healf year.

During Sales Order Entry and when there is not enough stock to meet the sales order quanitty we would like to see the “Earliest Availability Date” calculated and displayed (there is already a control form 342) but I do not know how that is calculated)

Do you know when, why and how the Earliest Availability Date is calculated? Does this only apply to specific re-ordering policies or ?

It would be great to show this as the group is very focused on customer service (and their current system will calculate and display the “Earliest Availability Date”…)

Thanks in advance.

every developer working with Navision will tell you which is the absolute worst piece of code written in NAV. Of course they wont agree, but many will say that the planning engine is it. (I mean poorly written code, not poor design like serial numbers or dimensions).

Finding anything in the planning engine is virtually impossible. Plan to spend a lot of time with the debugger. Now that was supposed to have been all fixed in 5.00, well its better, but what every you found in 4.00 code has now moved, so you need to start again. So don’t plan on your changes being easily upgradable to 5.00, better is to go direct to 5.00 rather than doing it twice.

THanks David.

Do you mean that the “Earliest Availability Date” should be calculated for all re-ordering policies?

No I just meant that be prepared for a fun time making simple fixes work in that piece of code. You will want some good marinara sause and parmesan cheese before you start though. :slight_smile: