Atlas Report with AX -Calculations do not update when report is refreshed

After I enter a new report date & refresh an Atlas report (Refresh>Report), all of the calculated columns do not updatde. Manually, I select: the first cell in each calculated column, update the calculation on the formula bar, and then accept the 'overwrite the calculation to the column ’ tool tip so that all calculations update.

Any ideas?

I would also appreciate if anyone has detailed Atlas Help documentation.



I belive Atlas is Third part tool for Ax. U just take need to Atlas Customer care.They will definatly help u. And also it is the better solution for u.

AX, each report automatically updates to reflect new balances.With Atlas xl, reporting is not limited to balances and transactional data.

please go through the following link for more settings


Yes, this is a third party tool for AX. I will look at this link for Atlas Customer care.

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Here is the setting that must be selected in Excel that will ensure that calculations in an Atlas report table update automatically when the report is refreshed.

Excel Options>Proofing>Auto Correct Options>Auto Format As You Type (tab)>

Replace as you type:

Must select this option: Fill formulas in tables to create calculated columns