Atals For Ax

hi anyone knw how to work in Atlas??? pls help me… thanx…

hi arun you can get any idea about this after reviewing this article

which one i want to install first server or client?

i installed both client and server…

but i cant actiavte the atlas… coz i coulnt find the activate tab :frowning:

pls anyone help me

do you enable the add-ins? you need to enable it before run it.

hi chan wai tuck,

i didnt enable it…

but, i couldnt find the option… where it is???

If in AX, the atlas tab will appear after you install it.

For excel, you need to go to option>add-ins to enable the Atlas.(maybe difference depend to excel version)

sorry, i didnt complete the installation,

while log in its shows error,

contact ur admin,

windows service running correctly

your settings are correct

shows this error

Can you post your error here so that we can help??



hi all

i dont have concurrent license key…

is it possible to install with out concurent key???

an i tried to install its shows error…

like,your liscense key server is started …but i checked its started only…

pls anyone help me

Try to check the .net framework.

Last time I also facing difficulty when install Atlas, but that only happen to the client terminal.