Assignment of Item Charges to PO

Hi All!

I have created a PO and posted the receipt of the items.

Before performing the invoicing part, I have added a new line on my PO, which is a Charge Item.

Now I want to assign this Item Charge to my PO.

From my PO, I select the line for the item charge, then I click on Line, Item Charge Assignment.

Then how do I proceed to assign this item charge to the items on my PO?

Thanks in Advance


Hi Beatrice

Populate “Qty. to Assign” on the line(s) or use the function “Suggest Item Charge Assignment” (

You can read about the “Suggest Item Charge Assignment” function in the Navision Help).

You have now distributed the Item Charge amount to one purchase line or between several purchase lines. Receive and Invoice the purchase order.



Thanks for your reply Claus.

Actually I have done as suggested by Navision Help, that is, use the function Suggest Item Charge Assignment.

But after having done this, the Qty Assigned field remains blank.

Can you tell me how does this Item Charge Assignment operate?

Does this function add the item charge to the Item Unit Cost?



It will add new value entries to item ledger entry that you choosed (those purchase / sales line have item ledger entries and based on value entries that are attached to them, actual cost is calculated).

Hi Beatrice

The function “Suggest Item Charge Assignment” populates “Qty. to Assign” and the value from “Qty. to Assign” is copied to “Qty. Assigned” during posting.

During posting of Item Charges values entries are created for the assigned item(s) and this results in a changed cost for the item (as described by phenomenon).

You usual use item charges to include Freight Charges in the cost of items.