Assigning the cost of unconsumed omponents to FG.

Hi, For some reason, status of a Released Prod Order is changed to Finished without posting the complete consumption. Obviously, the cost of the Product will not be accurate as the cost of the unconsumed components will not be part of It. Now, what are the means(such as Revaluation jpurnal) available to assign the cost of consumed Items to the FG. Also how to account the unconsumed Items? Thanks in advance, Vijay

Vijay, I will say that this is not a Navision problem.Rather an operational problem. The most suitable way I will suggest is: 1) Make a negative adjustment of the Output item applying to the Output Ledger entry: Make sure the cost amount is same as the value entry for the Output entry( Irrespective of the Costing method) 2) Make a new Production order and consume the components. ( Be sure the Date is same.) There may be other ways also.But the above steps will ensure that your records are available flowless. And than run the Adjust Cost batch jobs. Regards, DD