Assigning task to keyboard function key

For repetitive tasks, I would like to assign keystrokes to a function key. For exploding a BOM, how do I program a function key to recognize clicking on the Functions button and Explode BOM? Thank you. Nav 3.60

Hi, Create a Menu Item in the required Form and assign the required Shortcut key to open Explode a BOM.

Okay…This is new ground for me. I have played with a few other areas but not this area. Could you give me a few steps to get started? Sounds like once I learn how to do this I will be able to create Function keys for other repetitive tasks such as having a new Vendor’s card function mapped to a Function key. By the way, I am asking about this change globally for all users. Can I assign Function keys based on User Login as well? Thank you.

On the Product CD, there is a manual called the Application Designers Guide. This has the information you are looking for (and much more).

Thanks, Chrisk. Am now printing out the manual as I type.

Wow!! Page 151 - There it was!! This book is dangerous - I think I am becoming a nerd. The procedure to create a Function key (and/or Hot key) is very simple and to create forms that others can use is straight forward as well. When we purchased the software, we were told how easy it is to create the reports we want. Trouble is, nobody told us what software tools we have nor what manuals we have to look this stuff up. Thanks to both of you for getting me on the right track and you are correct that the Application Designer’s Guide has a lot of good stuff. Instead of curing my insomnia, I can’t go to sleep because of the good reading. Thanks again!