Assigning dimensions to users

Dear All,

Can we assign financial dimensions to specific users.


Financial dimension - “Region” And Dimension values are - "North’, “South”, “West”

For ex: User ‘A’ belongs to dimension - Region and value to ’ North’,
& User ‘B’ belongs to dimension - Region and value to ‘South’,

So, User A should not access to South dimension value since he is of North.

How can we assign this restrictions in AX 2012 for user not to access in any of the transactions.

Please suggest…



Hi Srinivas,

You can restrict at user permissions levels. In order to do that you should have full authorizations to do so.

If you have Admin profile (Full authorizations) can restrict and it is possible.


Hellow Srinivas,

how to provide permission/security for financial dimensions in axapta 2012?.

Kindly, help me as we in support phase…

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Hi Srinivas,

Please, find the screen shot in AR->Payment Journal->Lines Form.

complete financial dimensions form is not appearing only OK and Cancel buttons are visible. Which menuItem need to be added to get complet form…!