Assigning an general ledger expense account to a specific vendor

I wish to set-up my vendors so that whenever a new PO/Purchase invoice is created for them it automatically defaults so that it is posted to the same pre-assigned general ledger expense account, is this possible?



I’m afraid that there is no way to force NAV to do this automatically out of the box, however if you are using V3.70 or later there is the facility to create what is known as “Standard Vendor Purchase Codes”, which is basically a template for filling orders or invoices.

You create these by going to the Vendor Card → Purchases → Std. Vend. Purchase Codes.

In the Standard Vendor Purchase Codes screen, go: Purchase → Card and set up the card to include the default accounts, quantities and dimensions (If required).

When the user comes to create the order or invoice, they can then enter the Vendor Number and then go: Functions → Get Std. Vend. Purchase Codes. This will populate the document lines with the template.

Hope this is of help.

Excellent, thanks for your help

I understood the question differently - to me it was not about standart lines (a “template”), but in what account the PO is posted…

If so, that for Vendor Posting Groups exist.
Ceate as many PGs as you have payables accounts and assign for each of them appropriate Payables G/L account (and other as well, of course). .Later, in Vendor cards, assign appropriate Vendor PG.