assigning a path and file name to a field on form

Hii, I desifned a form and used the common dialog, but I couldn’t assign the path and file name to a form field. (without using assign-edit property on)… is there a way to do this… and to see the value on the field immediately eg… field := VarPath; – varpath is the path+file text coming from Common dialog code unit thanks for advance

CommonDialog.ShowOpen; Form.Field := CommonDialog.FileName;where CommonDialog is an OCX type variable of the sub type “Microsoft Common Dialog Control, version 6.0” HTH

Thaks Daniel, But Common Dialog have not a function like ShowOpen, it has only OpenFile function with some parameters…

sorry but we can only use Common Dialog Management “Codeunit”, when we try to use that ocx (comdlg32) we get a license error …

Basim, You need to install a Microsoft development package such as VB6 onto your pc to be able to use that OCX automation, I had the same problem last week.

I didn’t get the problem. Why can’t you simply use Codeunit Common Dialog Management for example like this: Field := DialogMgt.OpenFile(Text100,Field,1,'',1) [?]

Arthur, we prefer it because of more functionality it has… for example I would want to set the init directory somewhere on the file system… but the main problem (or subject of this from was to find a way to assign the path+file name string to a filed on the form without using assing edit property… thanks [:)]