Assigng the batch number manually

Hi ,

Current process is we need to attach the batch number ( if we are mainting our own numbers ) to the item in
Inventory management > Inquiries > Dimensions > Batches form . Then at the time of Purchase order , line level select that batch number.
but our company is maintin the Batch numbers manually which will provided by vedor (instead of mainting our own batch numbers) in purchase order line level .
How to define that information directly at the order level ?
Thanks in advance

Right mouse click on the batch number field and create it. The batch number is not just for you own numbers, it can be for the vendor numbers as well. You only have an issue if you need to record both.

That means without defining the Batch Number against that item in the Batch form , you can not enter directly at the Purchase order level.

is it correct ?

(which bit strange when compared with NAV , there you can enter the Lot number , serial number manualy)

You can but by right mouse clicking you are going to the batch form anyway, just a different way in.

Do not compare it to NAV, apples and dolphins.

Thanks Adam,

Can you tell me how to achieve?

By following the words directly after the two you quoted.

Typing it into the field does not create it in the underlying table and will cause you issues.

Hi Adam ,

That means Axapta standard functionality does not support to enter the Vendor Batch Number directly on the Purchase order line( without creation Batch forms)

is it correct?

That is correct, you need to create it, because the table structure, traceability, pikcing, controls and potential formulation are completely different from the system you are using as a comparison.

Thanks Steven sir.