Assign the same receipt to different purchase orders


the scenario is:

A vendor delivered at the same time different purchase orders and, for that reason, there is just one receipt. Is there an option to assign the same product receipt to different purchase orders without the following setup:

It seems to me dangerous to setup “Accept duplicates”…

Looking forward your replies. Thank you!

The parameter is to prevent duplicate processing, but in your example the supplier has amalgamated separate orders (you could question why they were separate orders but there are always reasons) and therefore you should keep the parameter to stop the duplicate, and now you know it is a duplicate set the receipt numbering to reflect this with a 01, 02 or reference to the original PO on top of the receipt number, it is up to you, but it is an exception that needs to be managed rather than configuring the system around an exception. If you supplier keeps doing this then you need to think about your PO process and amalgamating orders or updating existing.