Assign menu (with Navision Pane Designer) to windows groups instead of single user accounts using windows login

Hi everybody

We use Windows logins instead of Database Logins. So I created several Windows Domain Groups (for example “Finance”) Then I put all finance employees in these Windows groups and assigned this Windows AD Group to the Windows Logins (example: domain1\Finance) in Navision. So far so good. The finance employees can login to the Navision DB (Company). Now I would like to restrict the Menu Suite (with Navision Pane Designer) so that i.e. finance people can’t see the menu for Human Resources. My question is now is it possible to assign Windows AD group (same as for DB/Company Login) instead of one by one Windows user account to the Menu Suite. I tried this but the finance users (assigned via Domain Group) still see the Menu Human Resources.

Is this behaviour (assign only users to menu will work) by design or do I understand something wrong.

Many thanks in advance

Roman Arnold

Sorry, but you have to assign windows users unless you can get very good at setting premissions.

If you don’t have premission for an item then it won’t appear to the user

so you user could see the payroll menu, but when he clicked on it, there would be nothing there.

this is hard to get premissions set to accomplish this, but it can be done. but they will still see the menu, just nothing on it.