Assign a report to a user without assign menu

Hi All,

How is it possible to assign a report to a specific user without adding new menu for that reports on Nav 2009 r2.


Add the Report in any of the existing menu for which that user has access .

Thanks Amol;

the menus are common with other users [I]! my problem is to assign this report to only one user without adding any menu.?

Hi Ali,

The most common way to accomplish this would be to add code to the report object to prevent unauthorized users from running the report. In the simplest design, you might add a field to the user setup table that would indicate which users had permission to run the report. Then add code in the OnInit trigger of the report that would inspect the value of that setup field before allowing the report to continue.

The problem of trying to create a menu item that only your specified user(s) can click on is that standard NAV security doesn’t address individual controls within objects. If you were determined to implement this feature at the menu item level, you would need to add code in a very similar manner to the method I described above, except in this case you would be toggling the menu item on or off depending on setup values.

Because of the way that NAV handles security, there’s no easy way to do this job using just security settings. If you thought you might create a form or page object that contains a menu item that runs the report, and that you’d only allow your specified user(s) to run that form or page, you’d be stopped when it came to configuring roles and permissions. In standard NAV security, there’s no way to block access to an object in one role when the user already has access to that same object by means of another role.

An alternative to writing this custom code would be to implement one of the user security add-on granules, though I think it would be overkill if this current task were the only reason for buying the add-on.

I hope that’s helpful.

Thanks Geoge for this details.