Asset acquired via PO - Description of the Asset is not getting populated in Asset Table


I have created a PO with a line which belongs to a procurement category. In the PO lines- Fixed assets tab, i clicked the NEW ASSET and selected the Asset group. When i posted the product receipt, Asset got created, but when i check the Fixed Asset list, the Description field is empty.

Note : In the PO line PurchLine(PurchLine).Name had the description of the Asset.


If you have an item on the purchase order line, Asset name takes value from item name else it takes the value entered in Name field.

Hi Kranthi,
In my case, I am using Purchase requisitions.In PR, i am using Procurement categories. The user inputs the Asset name as free text in the Description field. Once the PR is converted to PO, nothing is displayed in PurchLine.Name; as a result the Asset name is blank.