Assessable Value in PO is always '0.00'. why?

Hi all,

If i create any line item in a PO and give a unit price to it. The net amount is showing correctly but the’ Assessable value’ is always ‘0.00’. Any idea why this is happening?

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As this is teh developer forum can we presume you have added this to teh sales line table? Or is it part of a localization?

Hi AdamRoue,

I am creating a purchase order line . That is where the Assessable value is ‘0.00’ always.



Does the order has any taxes( Excise , Custom duty ,sales tax ) ?

Dear Reema,

There are no taxes for the order.



The assessable value of goods is the total of cost, which includes insurance, freight, landing charges, and other charges for valuation purpose.(It is related to Indian localization)

It will be calculated only when any of the following are enabled in the ledger tax parameters

VAT , Excise, Custom, Sales tax, Service tax