Assembly Process Documents

Our Quality Control Department is creating Process Documents for the Assemblers. These documents show the Assembler how to assemble a certain item. (not all items will have documents). Where would be the best place to “tell Navision” these documents exist? On the item card? On the Assemby Routing? (we can not set a link to the documents on the Item Card because we are in the USA and our Navision Server is in Austria)

Let’s say there was an Engineering change to an Item that had one of these Documents, the Document in turn would need to be changed. We can inform the “keeper” of the document that the Item has been changed, but we need a way to identify if that Item had a Process Document that needed to be changed as well, and the Process Document Number.

I first thought to use the Routing Operation Comments. This would inform the Assembler that a Document existed, I could then spit out a report that listed the Routings that had the Process Document, but to link the Routings back to individual items is where I got stumped. I would have to go to the Routing “where used” to get a list of the items, to see if they need the change. Seems like there should be an easier way?

Any Ideas? Or am I rambling on to the point, that I am not making sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Diane,

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There are a lot of possiblities if you do some customisation but from the tone of the post, I’m assuming you are trying to acheive this without customisation.

I would suggest that you leave the routing un-certified until the work instruction are amend. You can then filter on all that are under development and also the added advantage that the production order cannot be released until the routing is certified