Assembly order + Basic Warehouse, what is a sequence that needs to follow ?

I created a location with the following settings: require bin, require shipment and receive, require put-away and pick.

I opened up a new sales order with assembly item on it, assembly-to-order policy.

What is the right sequence to post sales since I’ve seen in code that assembly order can not be posted directly when assembly to order field is set to YES ?

Thanks in advance.

The problem is partially solved:

  1. If assembly policy is assembly-to-order then one cannot post assembly order directly but through CU Assembly-Post which is triggered when posting sales order.

That CU post assembly headers and assembly lines. When it posts assembly header it posts assembly output and sale at the same time. Since I don’t see where to put BIN code on assembled products during sale, I opened up a new location which is not tracked by bin code and customized sales line to have assembly items assembled on that location and have the lines be consumed on location which is tracked by bin codes.

  1. Additional request from the client is to post components by bin codes and purchase dates (first the oldest ones and then the new ones, not FEFO but a kind of FIFO) automatically so I have to see relation between item ledger entry and bin contents ( maybe this could help)…