Assembly List.

I have instaled Ms Nav 5 In version BE (basic essential) without manufucturing module, I have this situation to resalve but i do not know the way, I have registred an aitem with code 125352 this is a item that want aitem with code 536565 and 2 items with code 652314 to be complited as one item(assembled). What is the way that i can configurate in nav 5 version Be without munifacturing.

Thanks in advance.


Look at Item BOM (Bill of Materials) - Item Card / Item / Assembly List.

In Manufacturing, Production BOM is used, this is completely different from Item BOM.

Thank yuo Modris for your orientation,

and when i go to the item card/item/asembly list

Haw i can crate the assembly, the item with the code 125352 is a computer, the item with code 536565 is a Motherboard, the item with code 652314 is a hard disc etc, haw can complite this.


First create components as Items - MB, HDD, Case, KB etc etc.

Then create Item “Workstation PC model xyz”, and add to its assembly list (BOM) required components Item by Item. Dont forget to set Qty of each component!

This can be multilevel, too - you may include as component an Item, which is actually a BOM itself.

When you add Item with BOM to SO, there is an option to “Explode BOM” - you will get all components as separate lines. ( its not necessary for correct write-down from Stock - only if you wish to print all components in Invoice instead of main Item).

Thank you very much, you are great.