Assemble-to-Order Functionality

I am trying to use Assemble-to-Order BOM and have run into some problems:

  1. Add an A-t-O BOM on a sales order with another line (item, resource, G/L), etc. When I “Ship” the order, the assembly is posted, a shipment is created but the system does not populate “Qty Shipped” and therefore I am unable to Invoice as it will say “Nothing to Post”
  • Post - Ship & Invoice will work only if the entire order ships complete (see #2 for issues re: partial)
  • Note: if the A-t-O BOM is the only line on the order, Post - Ship; Post - Invoice works
  1. Partial shipments when an A-t-O BOM is on the order can result in duplicate shipping & invoicing of items that have already shipped/invoiced.

Steps to replicate

  • Order created where BOM had 0 stock available & Normal Item had stock.
  • Line on BOM defaulted “Qty to Ship” to a positive number; Manually changed the “Qty to Ship” on BOM to 0
  • Posted – Ship & Invoice
  • Shipment & invoice created for the in-stock item.
  • BOM component stock replenished
  • Original Sales order (previously had partially shipped) - Qty to Ship populated on item that already shipped
  • Post - Ship & Invoice
  • Second Shipment & Invoice created, including the item that had already shipped

Can anyone help me with this or let me know if there is a configuration to look at?