I don’t know really what is this Navision. It seems to be a huge SYSTEM… My question is: how can I build an ASP application on a server modifying a Navision database from another server?.. It is different than the IIS samples with Access database? What settings should I made on the two servers? Thanx…

Hi, you can use ODBC drivers for Navision, but im not sure whether it will allow u to modify Navision Database, if there is any other way to do this, even i would like to know. Vishal

Yes you can modify Navision database with ODBC driver but this is not a recommended way to do it. If you only need to retrieve data from Navision and display the data with your ASP page, you can use the ODBC, but if you want to write data to Navision database, it is not recommended because you will miss out all the validatation Navision perform on the data before saving to the database. You can use Navision Application Server and MSMQ if you want to write data to Navision database.