ASP and Navision

hi all, I am using navision 3.7 and SQL server.Now there is a situation in which i have to select a particular record from the asp page. ie if i select a record in asp page. it must display all other records in the navision form. example: if asp page is displaying list of customers and if i select a particular customer then all other records pertaining to that customer must be displayed in customer card of navision. any suggestion??? thanx in advance regards, vikas

Hi Vikas, If I understand what you are trying to do correctly then you could use the Navision link/shortcut functionality on the web page to link to a specific Navision customers card. Example: navision://client/run?servername=balder%26database=MYSQLDATABASE%26company=CRONUS%26target=Form%2021%26view=SORTING(Field1)%26position=Field1=0(10000)%26servertype=MSSQL /Bruno