[ASK] - Produce 2 different item in production

dear all,

since i’m new in ax, i have one quick question.

is it possible to produce two different item in one production order? in nav usually use family to handle it.

let say when i produce 10 sheet of steel, the waste can be used to make 50 bolts.

thank you and regards,-

I believe you need to use ProcessIndustries 5.1 (Fullscope) since they allow you to create item type “Formula” which allow you to produce more than 1 item.

hii jefry,

is this standard feature or add-on?

in what form i can accest this item type formula?

regards & thx

It’s an add-on. As far as I know, production from standard Ax doesn’t support produce multiple items.


so there is no standard function for this. thanks for your info jefry.

In case you don’t want to buy the add on, what I think u can do is create Sheet as a sub bom of Bolts.

So when u make aproduction order for 10 sheets, automatically a production order can be made for 50 bolts, yeild can be 50 or 40.



Microsoft bought Fullscope last year and the functionality (all caveats apply) will be standard in AX2012.

You could add a negative line to the BOM as well.

@adam : so i assume we can define the bolts in the bom line with negative quantity, so when the production starting we can post consumption for this with negative quantity (inventory in)?

I suggest you give it a go and see if it works for you. Remember to check your costing implications.