As a super user (admin), how do I clear out the Web Service Access Key for all users?

We have ensured nothing in our system and connected apps are using the web service access keys, but we are still getting the warning this service is no longer available. I now understand it’s because we have some user cards where this field was filled in. I am the system admin, but not a developer. How can I clear this field for all users (it’s grayed out and inaccessible)? I really do not want to ask my users to go into their own user card and delete this, and at the same time there is no way I can go to every user and do this for them. I tried leveraging a config package to see if I could at least get a list of the users I need to target, but this field is not available there. I am open to any and all suggestions on how to clear this out. Thank you in advance!

Just in case anyone else is struggling with this, here’s something I found, trying it out with some users to see if it works.

On the User Card, select Actions > Authentication > Clear Web Service Access Key.