Artificial persons in one database

Hi all I’ve a followed situation – Some independent artificial persons is in existence from the point of view of law, but form the point of view of business they is one subject. And now it is necessary to make some attain’s tables as general, and other tables to makes as per company. Which tables can make as general, while other ones as per company?

Just curious. What is an artificial person? Does it have something to do with Matrix? [8D]

Company that have an own accounting and itself pays taxes. ‘One object form the point of view of business ‘- to mean that the companies owns same location, items, customer, vendor.

“Priviet” Ruslan During creating new tables you can define by properties, wheater it should be per company or global. I dont think that you can change the properties on the vendor and costumer tables easily. But you can create a dataport and and export/import all records to/from the other company. You are welcome to contact me by E-mail, and you are welcome to write in Russian language as well. Regards \Karl

Or you can setup dimensions using as main dimension as example company and setup properly the different accounts and so… that way you can “consolidate” all the results and still have all in common…