Hi We have a situation where we have to calculate arrears for an employee. The arrears has to be paid for 3 days of previous month (paid days are 28 out of 31 days). Now we want to add previous month’s 3 days in next pay processing month. I.e, along with 30 days pay we want to calculate 3 days pay also. Please suggest how to handle this issue. Regards, Vikas

Hi vikas, Refer this link. I think you have posted the same query again. Ramya Venkat

yea…but that option (Irregular Pay Elements doesnt satisfy the need). i tried tht but for every month, this Irregular pay element is also included during salary calculation.So i dont think it can help me. we did asked the neogyn people, they say tht they are working on it. but customer cant wait until tht…[:D]

Hi, Create two pay elements arrear I and arrear II. In arrear I put the amount on which pf has to be calculated In arrear II put the amount where pf need not calculated. This is the only way and I cannot think of any other thing which can slove this issue. Thanks and regards