Are demo videos on Navision available on the web??

Hi Everyone!

Does anybody know if there is any good site that has demo videos on Navision functionalities. I think it’s easy to learn anything using audio video tools.

Check out:

Thank you Mr. Alex for this URL. However, I think certain application should be installed for the running the videos.I can only hear sound but no picture. Screen appears completely dark green. Do you have any idea what’s going wrong?

Take a try on

Yes, this site has free product downloads. Although I wonder how effective you would be if you have not received any training on the application…

Sure, they are just to have an overview of MBS NAV Dynamics.

It’s obviously that no one can put his hands on this product without any kinda training.

Actually it’s not that i am entirely new to the products. I have been using dynamics Nav for last one year.However I am focused on Financial management area only. Now I want to learn more ,particularly trade and inventory.I have Navision training manual and i do frequently check mibuso too. But what i want is videos which explains how the business process flow . I want to learn different areas of the application as a Navision end user.