Archiving question

Hi guys! I have something strange happen here: When I try to use “the archiving function” inside the PO ( i am super user on the client DB) on the client DB, I have a message telling me that I dont have permission. But with demo license I can. How can I ensure that in the customer license, I really have tha function included in the license file? I dont see in that license a granule or something about that. Thanks

If you have access to PartnerSource, you can find the Granule List there. Archiving is actually under CRM granule 5160.

Thansk Chrisk! BTW how can I see that? When I check all granules , nothing is written about Archive function.

Its extremely simple… 1) Go to PartnerSource 2) Find the Granule List. It should pretty simple…I searched for the Text Granule List and the first document was Granule List with included objects for Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision Version 4.0 3) Look in this document for the Purchase Header Archive Table. 4) Look at the associated Granule.

Got it! Thanks a lot