Archiving or viewing Service Orders once Posted & Invoiced

Hello Team,

Im glad i have found a forum for support for MS Dynamics Navision (AU version= country). Our company has recently installed NAV 6.0 SP1. Im currently a new member i hope i have came to the correct location to post my issue.

I have been told by our intergrator, within the service management module that once a service order has been posted & invoiced the transaction of the service order is deleted? Is this possible?( i do understand this maybe performed for performance)

This data is vital for a service centre to view the history of the service order (job sheet) that a techincian has filled out with the customers fault description and any information been entered into the service item work sheet or the service order that the techincian has completed onsite.

If this case is true, is there a way to archive or have this infromation available. I have noticed within the sales & marketing module that there is a sales order archive option under the history tab? could of this optoin been a modification to the ERP system?

thank you for your time, your response will be much appreciated


has anyone came across this issue?

hi… i also have this issue now. I need to view the invoiced sales order as well. My client needs that too. It is not totally deleted i believe. In the administration module,there is this function DELETE INVOICED SERVICE ORDER. So its probably archived then. How to view them front end. I dont know. Im sure there is a table for that in the database where all those stuffs are lumped.