Archiving Blanket Purchase Orders

Hello to all.

Hopefully this is not a stupid question but we’ve opened a new NAV instance in Japan and are fully up and going. We’ve been using the blanket PO function and now have a good amount of PBO’s; half of them have fully been received and invoiced but are still showing up in the Purchase→Planning→Order Processing→Blanket Orders. Talking to our RM buyer, he has past PBO’s showing that are old and fully received and invoiced. Is there a way to either archive dead PBO’s or flush them out so there is less “noise” in the system? It would really help our Japanese counterparts if they only saw unprocessed BPO’s.

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Please chek Report 491 - Delete Invd Blnkt Purch Orders

Deletes blanket purchase orders that have been received and invoiced. The program checks that only fully invoiced blanket orders are deleted. If there are comments on the blanket orders, they are also deleted.